Asterisk daily restart script

14/10/2016 - no comments.

I have always found that its a good idea to reboot Asterisk every now and again. However I found that sometimes my cron job got stuck or Asterisk didn’t restart cleanly.

This is my original, standard cron job.
0 0 * * * root /usr/sbin/asterisk -rx ‘core restart gracefully’

So I write a little script to check if there are any open channels and if not restart now.
0 0 * * * root /root/ > /dev/null

while :
        CHANNELS=$(asterisk -rx "core show channels concise")
        if [ -n "$CHANNELS" ]; then
                asterisk -rx "core restart now"
        sleep 1

Simple, but rather handy. I have been running this script now on all my Asterisk servers and its work without fault each day.

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