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My office was built by myself and a friend back in August 2012. We converted one of the outbuildings at my house to a office to allow me to work from home. I have been using the space now for over a year and can’t imagine ever being without it. The space allows me to work with no distractions and provides a retreat from the everyday. Its a place where when I’m there I’m working and when I’m not I’m not. I know this sounds obvious but it acts as a divide. When I was working form home, it said to everyone I was ‘At Work’. It also gave a barrier to pass through to leave work behind and be with my family.

We started the project by battening out the walls and screwing plasterboard to the battens. As neither of us had undertaken anything like this before we watch a few Youtube videos on dry walling. This helped us to get an idea of what we were up against and what to expect along the way. Once the walls were underway I brought in the power and network feeds from the main house. I also added wall sockets, a light with switch, wifi and an IP camera. Once the project was complete I contemplated whether or not to have the walls plastered. When I first started the project this wasn’t something I had planed or budgeted for. However I decided to have this done just to finish it off and I’m glad I did as it just makes the whole room feel more like a office. I also painted the walls and had the floor carpeted by another friend of mine Matt

My Desk
Mac Mini for design and development: Windows Pc for Games: Samsung Galaxy Note II for watching live US TV and Movies: iMac G4 for playing Music and testing older browsers: Bamboo Tablet, SIP Phone and Printer.

Have a look at the photos below and let me know what you think. What’s your desk look like?

my_office build_2 build_1 build_3

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